Donations Urgently Needed for the Crisis in the Central African Republic

The Central African Republic (C.A.R.) is facing a deepening hunger crisis in the wake of a crisis that has driven 700,000 people from their homes and caused thousands of families to flee to neighboring countries. This crisis is having a devastating impact on C.A.R.’s food supply. In addition to the conflict, poverty and rising food prices are contributing to widespread food insecurity.

Children are among the most affected by this crisis and are the most vulnerable to severe malnutrition. Without nutritious food, many of these children won’t survive. But today you can help WFP reach more children.  Just $45 can provide a child with enough life-saving nutritious food for 3 months.

Right now, thanks to a generous offer from WFP’s long-time Goodwill Ambassador Howard Buffett, the first $1 million dollars we raise for the C.A.R. will be matched—doubling the impact of your gift!

Because of this generous match, for every $45 you donate today you can help save two children. Please donate now.


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